about the exhibition

Museums collect objects to help us see the past differently. Objects have a physical truth. They offer us insight into where we have come from and where we are going. Anniversaries remind us to look back. They give us a chance to mark out the passage of time and see where we are now. But the past ranges from our ancient history to yesterday. It includes collective as well as personal experiences. So, an exhibition can only ever be a snapshot and a conversation starter – its own moment in time. 123

In this exhibition, the objects on show illustrate events, experiences and ideas from the past 100 years. They will mean different things to different people. In selecting them we have tried to be broadminded, objective and inclusive. You may be more interested in some rather than others. In fact, to some degree, you will curate your own experience. Perhaps that process, repeated thousands of times by different people will add not only to our collective memory but also to our collective aspirations.

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Exhibition design, Simon Leach Design

Graphic design, David Sudlow Designers

Fit out, Marcon Fit Out

Audio-visual and interactive design, Heritage Interactive Copywriting, Armchair and Rocket

Graphic production, Minprint 

Special thanks to everyone who has loaned or licensed items for use in the exhibition: 

Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin; Public Record Office of Northern Ireland; National Library of Ireland; Explosive Ordnance Disposal; Crawford Art Gallery, Cork; Glenn Leyburn; Hat Trick Productions; North Down & Ards Volunteers Scrubs Group